Christmas to me


For Christmas this year I only wish you can see,
 How much you truly mean to me.
It's not the cards and presents that make true love
It’s the way we snuggle and fit like a glove.
It’s when you brush my hair gently with every stroke,
Not the flowers clogging allergies which make me choke.
It’s when you clip my toenails I no longer reach,
Or when I need suntan oil on that spot at the beach
I know you don't have a single romantic bone,
But you always SHOW me when we're all alone.
You tell me how you love me only, for my cooking,
Always taking seconds when you think I'm not looking.
It's when you laugh when I break a little wind,
Forgiving for the smell and me so chagrined.
Never being one too keen at exhibiting love for all to see,
But you always SHOW me you care for me.
You don't always tell me I love you,
You in all the little things everyday you do.
So with Christmas day an up coming event,
I don't expect a expensive or romantic present
I've the trust and know how you're very true blue, 
Even if you look at other girls at least a time two,
Though I know it can't possibly be true.
You tell me, "I only look to compare them to you."
I'm content in knowing I'll have you all my life,
And it just so happens I'm your loving wife.
Christmas has its own meaning to me anyway,
That your love's deep even if it isn't in words you say.
Home's where the heart is, the saying very true,
You always fix me when the loving's overdue.
So For Christmas this year there's just one thing I plead,
You can play Santa, I'll crawl on your lap and whisper what I need.