Down the Interstate Lickety-Split

Written by: Elton Camp

Down the Interstate Lickety-Split

By Elton Camp 

What folly, on the Interstate, it is to try
Driving as if laws of physics don’t apply

To travel in some high-speed wolf pack
A modicum of good sense does lack

Driving only feet from the vehicle ahead
Results in a whole bunch ending up dead

All it takes is for one driver to slow down
For the principle of inertia is still around

Before the driver can even begin to react
It’s slam in the front and bam in the back

A dozen vehicles destroyed in the crush
Though most had no real need to rush

So if I find that I’m tempted to tailgate
I ask, “Had I rather be dead or late?”

So when I see a wolf-pack begin to grow
I carefully slow down and let them go

For if down the Interstate, lickety-split
They’ll say, “Beautiful car, wasn’t it?”