The nature of life

Written by: Anoucheka Gangabissoon

When life turned into hell

No more was I the only Belle

Seen as the despicable girl

I waited, patient, for the end of this swirl!

Soon ended this misery

For she came, the holy fairy

Smile, said she, relax and be merry

For you shall no more be sorry

Letting go of this cursed fate

I sought out the solace of my mate

Handsome, charming and hypnotising

He had me all glowing and radiating!

Seeing now this cursed past

I prayed for this blessing to last

And when shall end this physical life

A new world will awake within my faith!

No more shall life be a hell

Even a pleasant one, as painful as a swell

For Eternity rhymes with the Trinity

An abode of peace and serenity!