At the cellar door,my lips await your kiss

Written by: Charmaine Chircop

Behind the window-pane I stand
rubbing mist away
From a distance I watch them
holding hands
as Santa Clause pass by
upon his Christmas sleigh
 Slow,So slow they walk
towards a mistletoe
He removes the veil
which covers her grey
beneath the falling snow
He kisses deep wrinkles
which outline her cheek
Each wrinkle a blessing
before eternal sleep
On a Holy night of Winter
they must be feeling  cold
yet in their  eyes
a fire keeps burning
of a secret untold
Their eyes tell a story
Their  arms know romance
Their heart hold a song
Their feet know the dance
In their smile
I see the future I long for
In their dream
I build one of my own
I would be thinking
thinking of you
till the last of red  hollies
till forgotten memories
till the end of  starlight
I will be waiting
waiting for you.

Inspired by a Christmas song