From sadness this did come

Written by: john bernard

I'm not the brightest candle
I'll just say I'm lit
For some too hard to handle
Others will just quit

I'm not the best to look at
You might look away
Or see the fist you shook at
Much to my dismay

People say I'm funny
And I look the same
Sweet as honey
But left without the game

My verbal skills were lacking
I could not even write
My voice was always cracking
Never felt to bright

The things that we are feeling
Are not always as we see
My mind was stuck and reeling
But I've learned to set it free

So not that I am older
Things that used to bug
Just know that I am bolder
Now my shoulders shrug

Who cares how I am looking
It's who I am inside
Now that I'm really cooking
I take a bigger stride

You see I'm very happy
From sadness this did come
Maybe it sounds sappy
But I beat a different drum