christmas star of bethlehem

Written by: louis rams


Underneath the moonless sky, the Christmas
Star caught my eye.
Every year it comes into plain sight
At the stroke of midnight.

To remind us of the birth of his son
The one and only one.
He was sent to earth to take away the sins of man
For humanity needed a helping hand.

He was born in a manger in Bethlehem
When the star first shone then.
It lit up the sky so clear and bright
And stayed that way throughout the night.

The choir of angels began to sing
As they praised the new born king.
The kings had traveled very far
Following this Christmas star.

When they arrived - there he laid
In a manger which was covered with hay.
Joseph and Mary kneeling by his side
As his eyes opened wide.

Acknowledging the three kings
And the gifts they did bring.
Since then we celebrate the birth of Christ
As gifts are given out that night.

© L . RAMS