A Penny For Your Thoughts

Written by: Jack Ellison

A Saying that's been around forever Where it came from I haven't a clue There's many phrases just like this one So familiar to both me and you PENNY Is a word not heard much these days Its value's much less than a cent We'd used to get a big bag full of candy At the store it was a big event FOR Many years its value has decreased There's a rumour they'll not longer exist Where's this technological age leading us The good old days I surely do miss YOUR Thoughts are surely “what an old geezer” He can't keep up with the times But us old guys lived a much simpler life For those good old days I still pine THOUGHTS Of sodas, ice cream and lollipops Linger in the depth of my being Tears can be seen trickling down my cheek A warm sentimental old feeling ©Jack Ellison 2012