I am the Z letter, so I am better

Written by: Marceleus Menor

A's are better but are cowards on the inside.
B's are like A's except in reverse.
C's are the ones who can never decide.
D's are the prejudiced jerks of the universe.
E's are always shouting, why?
F's just don't care.
G's are the ones who say goodbye!
H's are bright like a flare.
I's are selfish to others.
J's are the thinkers of right.
K's are the ones who always abuse brothers.
L's are winners, but losers in sight.
M's wish they were important to all.
N's always know what to say.
O's are the ones who love to crawl.
P's are too humorous to play.
Q's live in a shadow.
R's do all that is unimportant.
S's forget what they were.
T's think for themselves.
U's set traps that always occur.
V's are the decor on your shelves.
W's are too rare to describe.
X's are the ones who are most free.
Y's sneak through with only bribes.
Z's are descriptive, like me!
But under these statements I say.
You will not be set out this way.