I Sing A Different Song

Written by: Cynthia Alvez

I told the blue jay
I saw yesterday about
your gentle touch.
I told the flowers dancing
in warm breezes about your smile.
Your smile, that made the sun jealous.

The tree branches bowed low, to hear 
of your laughter, while I lay on the grass
sharing little secrets about you.
The little creatures of nature listened and
were pleased.

Soon it was dusk.
The moon said "Hush your bragging, 'tis
only a dream, come morning he'll be gone."
The stars twinkled, oh so bright, slyly 
winking at me.
The big dipper over-flowed with some magic
potion, that makes dreams last and last,
for all eternity.

I wanted to thank her after we sang together,
your praises, but morning came too fast.
Morning dew kissed my face and shared my tears,
then you kissed me and banished my fears.