My Children Part 2

Written by: Skyler Dawn

May I be brave for them 
May I lead the way running barefoot in the rain
May I sing to them always
May I give to others
May I teach them to love
May I chase butterflies with them
May I laugh and make them laugh
May I not cause them to cry
May I show them wisdom
May I teach them kindness
May I demonstrate strength
May I show them how to forgive
May I make them feel loved... 
Appreciated, accepted, unique
May I show them that they are special in my heart,
May I be strong and keep holding on for them
And when things go astray… 
May I pray to keep moving on
When my feet won't budge, 
May I still try to be strong
For my spirited little soldiers, my children
May I be not weak, stand up and speak for the right and exercise patience
May I continue to believe, never letting go of my hope
May my faith keep me going, for my children
May I dance, whenever I have the chance to
Then they will see how beautiful this life can be
How glorious are the trees, how wonderful are the streams
Oh my Children, how beautiful life can be