free cee MORE PEOPLE are reading me now so i wanted to re-post this

Written by: jeffry cohan


The same way a balloon eventually deflates
the way it falls fleetingly to the floor
the same way some items arrive in damaged crates
that's the way a lover sometimes decides to walk out the door

one day a balloon is flying high into the sky
the way it dances amidst clandestine clouds or the sun
that's the way a lover sometimes is forced to say goodbye
and has to admit that what was meant to be is finally done

when one lover takes that balloon and punctures it with a hole
and the air escapes with determined arrogance and hate
that's the way escape becomes one lover's ultimate goal
and the other learns the meaning of the word “ingrate”

it starts with ingratiation
Then somehow the other one becomes a prestidigitator
It begins with respect and adoration
then ends with dirty words not too much later

just like a balloon the air runs out and what once floated falls to the ground
but I suppose that's what happens when one's ego goes out of control
so the balloon can no longer seek freedom found
and one of them is responsible for puncturing the hole
   © 2012.....PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~