free cee THEY grew IN THE blue

Written by: jeffry cohan


Yes they have their souls on the ground
and their feet know not to where they are bound
they are earthly beings sans wings or flight
and where they age it is always bright

they may be standing in front of you
but inside them there is something magic going on
so innocent and gentle dispersing only what they know to be true
and if only that happenstance couldst never be gone

to them their tutors are spirits divine
with their teachers dividing four by two
from four divided by two to 376 times 9
and their whole school is painted astoundingly blue

they are educated by mortals these children like sprites
all of them sweet and eager to learn more
they learn the necessities on earth from mornings to nights
but they learn the essentials in Heaven, I'm sure
           © 2012....copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~