Looking back

Written by: Leonard Taormina

Good-bye was never mentioned but;
It was Good-bye just the same.
I told myself not to look back and I didn’t except;
The inside me did and still looks back to this very day.
    A curse woven by a mountain she wolf perhaps;
    And me the ever elusive coyote;
    Chancing the nights away;
    I often laughed but it wasn’t ever play.
She told me she sometimes;
Saw me as angel;
But the devil;
He’s an angel too;
     I saw her desperate and standing;
     “All alone against the world outside”
     But it was only a heat I thought and;
     The Philly she’s sure to run.
And where was the love she once asked.
And when I left I thought; 
I was running from the devil;
But I think I was running from myself