Medicine for pain

Written by: Andrew Vassell

She consumes each fraction of
my mind, her motivating devices
transpires my will to love her far
beyond its definition and these
actions are the depiction of loves
devotion. My aims are to be real,
sealing the emotions of this my
love's highest degree and like the
killer of my greatest pains, you're 
the medication for my brain.

You're like bubbling champagne,
a right choice I've made, answered
prayers and securely I'll forever
be the comforter of your eternal
need. My sadness you've healed,
dreams are made real, wet eyes
you've dried and my sighs are the
deep breath of happiness. No more
lust of love, not more empty nights,
you're the generator of my light
and the medicine for my pain, the
cure of any moment I'm left crying
in pain from being broken or 
mentally derailed.