Soul comforter

Written by: Andrew Vassell

Comforter of my soul, a spirit
my heart will console, the trick
of my smile and a warmth that
brings me to a boiling point. A
voice like musical remedy, it's
smooth transparent energy
and the tranquil peace of her 
presence leaves me hungering
her absence. How she mirrors 
the taste of my heart, her being 
emulates the secret desire in 
my thoughts and the journey 
through my soul with her will be
forever made whole.The sensual
and luxury of all my emotional
mechanics, the entertainment 
and dynamics that evolve in my
mind and the reason my soul 
always smile. The confrontation
of your extreme sensational
peace of love my heart craves,
the envy others may desires but
my queen this pleasure in your
soul will be a treasured beyond
one can ever measure.