Freedom to lie and polish our path evenly

Written by: Justin Debrosse

Freedom/ slavery gestalt

What productions ensue

To get ahead and sequester the wealth

Without sacrificing leisure or health


Traditional paths wrought

Meet fault lines of fatal constraint

Free market bettors know ahead

To furnish class and a swollen bed


Its a good lie to tell

And what an enduring spell

Melting technologies, the wry adjustment

Polishing gold on titanic buttress


Be a good slave

And your freedom you will earn

Having much leisure to burn

And satisfy luminous craving


Model generations smugly implode

As the pension strategies erode

A numb cynical idea circulating

Running out the daylight in futility


All these antiques are left

The relics creak about in their shanty house

Framing wall paper and arranging eyelids

As they cling to a spiral demise