Season's Queens


Queen Autumn with fall colors in her wake,
Bows to her rival queen Snowflake.
Falling into a long season's sleep,
Iced glitters adrift to blanket a castle keep.

Queen Winter of the ice crystals stalling,
At queen Spring impended calling.
Secreted behind Aurora Borialis lights,
Tinkling laughter on the long chilly nights.

Queen Spring with beguiled renewing smile,
Refreshed from sleeping a long winter's mile.
Waves her scepter of manifold tinted light,
Awakening the flowers with multi-colors bright.

Queen Summer zestier then Spring,
Shines her radiance over everything.
Sunny skies beam over the land,
Overseeing the assembly of castles in warm sand.

Queen Summer in all her glorious splendor,
Realizes soon she must surrender.
Sighing she regretfully wanes,
Yielding to queen Autumn’s solemn reins.

Queen Autumn with fall colors in her wake,
casts out her tint with intent to remake.
Readying the land for Queen winter's calling,
Dormant trees with speckled leaves falling.