Stress is burning me

Written by: chipepo lwele

Worry,I am quilty of you,
I woke up calm this morning--
but few hours I am freaking out.
Every little issue shivers my spine.
Can I play with stress or handle 
my anxiety?
Just getting extra frown lines;
I am a pointless panicker.
When I am anxious I get
stomach pains or
I do panic and always carry
a sense of unease.
There's always something to lose--
my health and happiness.
BEST SOLUTION-- ready to
 cope with stress and concetrate
 on how to solve my worries.
Share my anxiety with someone
having a sense of understanding.
Wipe away,my worry lot
and get on life endeavours.
My unnecessary pressure that
 I put on,
fading away.
Boosting my mood and reduce
 my fears of ups and downs.
Size the day[carpe diem]
and cope with worries and
enjoy the best of life.

chipepo lwele