A Picture In Words

Written by: Jack Ellison

A picture in words for my dear sweet Cathie The lady who has captured my soul Searched a whole lifetime for this dream of mine Now our love story can finally be told I've known sweet Cathie almost forever But events control the path that we travel Till the time was right, our love lay in waiting This affair that sizzles and bedazzles When I look in her eyes, I see shooting stars An awesome display of sheer wonder The love that shines through is beyond all words It's the reason for this spell that I'm under Words don't come easy to describe her beauty I stumble and search for the phrase That describes this enchantress, this vision before me In the glow of the moon's purple haze A picture in words for my dearest sweet Cathie This sweetie has made my life whole True love comes along only once in a lifetime Cathie's stolen my heart and my soul © Jack Ellison 2012