Thing In My Closet

Written by: Jack Ellison

There's a thing that lives in my closet I don't dare to open the door I've been wearing the same old T-shirt For a couple of weeks or more Mom says, “Don't be silly, my son!” But I don't see her checking it out Pretty sure a couple of nights ago Heard a bang and a very loud shout Something's got to be done about this Can't keep wearing this old shirt If it goes on for very much longer I'll be wearing my sister's pink skirt Wonder if my dad is brave enough I'll ask him when he comes home tonight He'll probably have a million excuses Like a hang nail or a mosquito bite Guess I'll just have to go in there myself Be brave, it's probably nothing Just as I was about to open the closet I woke up screaming and punching! © Jack Ellison 2012