Virtues To Vices

Written by: jim joyce

Rainbows painted in the sky
White daffodils singing in the rain 
Drops of dew glistening in the morning sun 
Clear desert pools of cold spring water
Red plump strawberries nestled in green beds
Summer mountain meadows of grasses and  blooming flowers 
Golden stands of Aspen glowing in the setting sun 
Scented pines and carpets of needles baring naked warmth
Autumn leaves of red yellow and brown fluttering in the waning sun 
Thunder and lightening flashing banners across the sky
Flooding rains and hurricanes calling an end to summer
Silent snowflakes underneath dark fluffy clouds
Winters brown weeds standing tall and lean 
Black mud oozing through naked feet 
Dirty snow melting in the city streets
Dead stumps rotting in the ground
Marsh gas wafting up between your toes 
Mosquitoes swarming after your eyes and nose
Clouds of flies feasting on earthly remains