Written by: George Zamalea

"Dear Santa  i know
Youre a busy person and i hope this leter tel you
Wat i need. i need a fathel. Qu'ikly
An 'though id rater be the unhapy person, itl beter 
To write you and say i believe on you.

	"So its jut no words, but my life and iam not a bery Sentiment 'bout fixes things. Wel, i mu'st e'plain
'Cause i dont want to confuse you.
	"Wat i try to say is for those e'raged
Things and fru'trated love, and i'm jut as glad
Youre not confused, and beside that,
Wat el'e is there you think somethin' el'e?

	 "But you mu't bring this father
And if you dont, i'm not blamin' you by any magic
Set or by the stormy-cart animals, as mysel'.
The l'ast thing that woul' not happen. How'ver,
i felt like i'm more part of your pa't
Pickin' up on the street savage tongues who come to you
And remove all your skin, i learn'd this from a book.

	"And i hate them so much
Not only t'ey were oblig'd to kee'
Their own na'ty pleashure over me but they hurt me too!
	"Was ever such a message wat i wanted,
i oug't to ask? Please, reply it qu'ikly.

From "The Nursery Dawn"