Written by: Cyndi MacMillan

With questioning eyes, my worried child shared 

her nightmare. A dragon, she said quickly,

was in the hallway and it swallowed me.

It opened its mouth and I disappeared. 

My precious Verity, her name means truth.

It suits. She's both honest and curious,

but perception makes her deep, serious,

oh, my innocent girl, my guileless sleuth. 

Another young girl had been in the news.

I gazed at my daughter, thought of Tori,

sickened, stunned by the all too real story

of light consumed by an animal’s ruse. 

Dragons are pretend, I lied. Facts, I stalled.  

Because monsters live and do lurk in halls. 

*Dedicated to Tori Stafford. 

May the animal(s) who took, used and then killed her rot in jail but first I hope they are subjected to the horrors she endured and may God forgive me for not forgiving them.  For more information, here is a link, but I warn you that the details will haunt you and are graphic and disturbing and not for the sensitive.  

This is a modern Sonnet .