Written by: priyabrata nayak

born to a wealthy life
i had my own living to choose
i could have been a doctor or a lawyer
or may be a engineer too
but i became a soldier
as i wanted to serve my country
and for me this is the best i could do.
i joined army when i was eighteen
i was very  happy and ambitious too
my dream came true and i trained hard
after some years they send us to a mysterious land
some days passed by, nothing wrong happened
then came this night, when i was lying on bed
thinking about sweet memories of my girlfriend
then i heard screaming all around
i ran to the outside to know what went wrong
there were only screaming, bullet and bombing sounds
some where captain smith shouted
fight,fight,be strong,be strong
then i understood we were under attack
they were rebels of that place we called mysterious land
i went inside and collected my gun
then i rushed outside and saw my friend ron
who was lying on sand and a bullet in his forehead
i stopped for a while and run to the stone shed
a wave of fear run through my body
then came anger and i was ready to fight
i saw some gunmen running towards me
i set my gun point at them and sitting over my knee
took a deep breath and pulled the trigger
killed two men and  stopped firing
still i heard yelling of captain smith
i looked around me and dead bodies were lying all over sand
some of them i talked to before this fight on mysterious land
they all had families,friends and home
but they wont see their sweet smile no more
then a bullet came and struck in my chest
a tear drop popped out of my eye as i was thinking of my sweet heart 
and i was believing this is my final rest.
i opened my eyes and saw my friends and captain smith too
i heard captain smith saying we won the battle test
what ron did wrong, why did he die
why big mike did not came,
from battle field or why did i became lame.
all this i am asking myself while sitting on my wheel chair
i am in my home and there is no more sweet air
some soldiers love to kill but i do not.
be ready if you want to be a soldier
since you may lose a lot
this is not my heart or mind is speaking
these are memories of eyes of a soldier