Good-by, Old Angel

Written by: George Zamalea

	From “Daily Given & Other Poems”

Good-by, old angel, good-by,
Seems impossible, somehow, to hold you against my strong chest
That temple of pain and misery
Which we try since the last encounter to give them all beauties what is told
Having a fully meaning to their life and they lost. 

Good-by, old angel, good-by,
Remember, if you would not mind, by all this society that gain and vanish,
A friend is behind and loves from any proportion and still the sadness I see you leaving
To write a note between the clouds of blue and I may cry a little
But it is all right to have a heaven above me and an angel leans on. 

Good-by, old angel, good-by;
I hope God will not be upset in silence for all our talk and pray but none of them shed
That feeling you brought in faith and installation below
The pleasure that grows out of kindness and humiliation
For we have done all we could.

Good-by, old angel, good-by,
Let’s drink a little, while your eyes dry off against the cold breeze of December
Tight up my body for a last moment of family and friends.
Good-by, old angel, good-by. My heart will go with you
Either in procession along the eagles or birds in match and light
Whatever it might they would move.

Good-by, old angel, good-by.
We have enjoyed all the simplicities together, just we two as son and father
Brother and sister and lovers and enemies since the appreciation 
Is mutual and we have fun, and not those who had missed your acceptation
Of a constructively friend, but we are not going to blame them or others.

Good-by, old angel, good-by
At this very moment, I cry with the simple pleasures of the earth as you have come
And tried and please do not forget our days, not the one we should
Retain but rather the one we should create a near future.