The World to End December 21, 2012

Written by: Elton Camp

The World To End December 21, 2012

By Elton Camp

The Mayas, for wisdom, are unsurpassed 
To the superstitious, what a great contrast

God of nature they worshipped so faithfully
Gods of rain, rainbow, corn & sun they see

Lest they help, a failure would be every crop
From starvation, into death they would drop

They buried their dead underneath the floor
So they could talk to them as done before

Demons from the Place of Awe they fear
Did ceremonies so they wouldn’t come near

The powerful priests didn’t act very nice
Why, they even decided who to sacrifice

Frightening masks they always wore
So demons would fear them and abhor

To look into mirrors they seldom did dare
Monsters from Awe could drag them there

A minor problem had their calendar, though
Because about leap year they didn’t know

So for a people so informed and so wise
To know the end wouldn’t be a surprise

Jesus’ words must be ignored, though
“The day and hour you will not know”