The Witnesses of My Life Secrecy

Written by: Yanny Widjanarko

Not for once I kept those rumbles 
Not for once I spilled it through the silence 
In the long way I spoke
Spoke to the vacant air next to my passenger seat

Driving no where upon the limbo
Passing through the droplets rain, I hid my sorrow
Once I locked myself into an argument within the space
With hope the shouts won't be audible beyond the screen

Cliche did fill my stories
But you hid me within the glory and sorrow behind your shield
You are the silent witness which I could lean
No third parties would be in, only the two of us in between

Prayers overshadow our drift
You be the witness in my plead
Nobody's there even see me pray, 
Besides you and my guitar we sank in play

None of living things ever seen
The fragile case of my grim
Only you and the six strings reside in the hidden tide
Only you and the six strings the witnesses of the other side

Author's Note:
Inspired by my car and my guitar as the witnesses behind the story :D