Holiday Cards

Written by: ilene bauer

In past Decembers, when my cards
Were purchased, sealed and stamped,
I wrote so many that, for sure,
My fingers burned and cramped.

I mailed them out and knew I’d get
As many in return;
It wasn’t always tit for tat,
But that was no concern.

Yet lately, though, the same routine – 
My cards stacked up and inked,
Will yield far fewer back to me – 
They’re practically extinct.

Perhaps when e-cards made the scene,
The need for real ones ended;
Or possibly, this busy life
Has left me more un-friended.

But either way, I mailed a lot
And so far, got just five.
It seems that this tradition
May be one that won’t survive.

My holiday is Chanukah.
It’s earlier this year;
So maybe as December fades,
More greetings will appear.

This could well be an omen, though.
Of course, I’m just supposing – 
But here’s more proof the postal service
Likely will be closing!