Ode to a Forsaken World

Written by: Carl Fraser

I remember when as a small community,
we would reach out to those in need;
And our days would seem to be fulfilled,
if we practiced one good deed.

We would walk the streets with heads held high,
and smile at those we meet along the way;
And children would respect their elders,
for they knew they too would be old one day.

Family always cared for family,
when they were hurt and grieving alone;
And it would have been so shameful,
to consider putting them in old age homes.

Marriages would last til someone died,
even though the hard times were tough to take;
And we would just thank God for what we had ,
and stick it out for the families sake.

We would gather at Sunday dinners,
and laugh at the week we had;
Now it seems to me these treasures have died,
and for that we should be sad.

Life was simple way back then,
when we were friendly or quick to lend a hand;
Now we pass by each other with our heads hung low,
Just strangers in a forsaken land.