cake and eat it

Written by: andrew delapruch

cake & eat it

bored with the 
relationship s/he’s in
but not wanting to leave
the positive aspects,
thinking s/he’s too old to
start again &
been there before anyway---
with a pattern s/he knows 
all too well
looming just over the horizon,
s/he takes the plunge,
not looking before s/he leaps &
not wanting to think about
the significant other
who may be at home
wondering, waiting &
wanting to get to the bottom of
the change in 
habits (all that are noticeable &
s/he thinks they aren’t),
the change in his/her look
(clearly prepping for somebody 
else & the audience at home
ain’t buyin’ that its them),
the change in the craving for
attention from the one s/he lives
with &
of course, the list goes on---
s/he starts to look outside the
cell, refusing to leave on her/his 
desiring &
desiring &
burning up
inside with
sheer want, until
s/he comes across 
someone that s/he cannot have,
someone who says s/he’s got to 
choose between the stability of
boredom at home or
a new trip, entirely,
someone who reveals the obvious in
plain English---
“cannot have your cake & eat it