health of cattle

Written by: jan oskar hansen

The Health of Cattle 

Every morning I had to milk 6 cows at five, today when 
liberalism is becoming oppressive It will be called child 
labour and banned. Then it was school and the three Rs, 
I liked my cows, they liked me seeing me when grazing 
they looked up and mood. In the neighbouring farm they 
had thirty milking cows and milking machines the cattle 
had no name, producers of milk and that was it. Farmers
looked like doctors who when taking their white coats off, 
took no more interest in their patients . Why should they
 if one dies it will be replaced a another one, white coats 
are never out of work. My charge used to feed on a field of
plenty, sadly there is a housing estate there now, each house 
has  a tiny gardens full inedible flower. My doctor wears
 a white coat he dispenses medicine, looks concerned this
because I pay him, but I know when I die he  will be too busy 
to attend my funeral.