MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE contests of free verse letter

Written by: Victoria Anderson-Throop

                                 MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE

                          My new friend,
                              Your eyes pleasure my words.
                               Hands fresh in a world unknown to me--
                               New in wonder and mysterious splendors
                               With delight I greet you.
                               Long flutters of time may have passed,
                               But in days gone by
                               I was a woman of steadfast heart.
                               A soul with passion for life and those I love.

                               I did not ‘go gently’ into the darkness.
                               In this spirit, 
                               May I offer you advice.
                               If you, 
                               in discouragement,
                               Shall sometimes wander--
                               Find delight in things small--
                                    The toothy smile of a child
                                    The memory of times lost
                                    The lingering kiss of a lover
                                    The embrace of a long absent friend
                               Remember us—
                                     our luxurious foolishness,
                                     our craving for technology,
                                     our crushing intellect without remorse—
                               Remember us
                               With kindness.

                               We loved
                               We laughed
                               We helped others when we could
                                     Or when convenient

                               Cherish your world
                                     As we did not cherish ours
                               Find possibilities in peace
                               Adore each atom
                               Celebrate each centimeter of your beloved’s body
                               And, in small quiet moments
                               Think of me
                               And my blessings
                               Afresh on you.

                             Victoria Anderson-Throop
                             Dec 10, 2012