Smile, It's Simply A Picture

Written by: Audonus Taylor

Smile, little boy. It's only a picture:
a gateway to memories you shall 
never seek.
A frozen frame of forgotten fear 
from falling.
So, smile now as you will be watched 
through aged eyes. 
Show those teeth, and tell yourself: 
"No time was enough to tame my 
iron will.
I was, I am, and I shall be smiling."

Smile, little girl. It's only a picture:
A time machine to mother's cookies 
to mask the taste of daddy's 
A preserved photo of a perfect 
So smile now and laugh away the 
Smile, young lady. Smile.
The same smile that makes you 

Smile, world. It's only a picture:
A time and place only we can choose 
to relive again. 
A lesson flash frozen and scribbled in 
the history books for insurance of 
our evolution.
So look back and smile at the 
caption of our origins: A still frame 
of ancestors captured in the midst of 
candid mistake as to say:
"I reveal to and leave you the worst 
of me for the better of future face, 
and you shall do the same..."

So smile for the snap of a present 
And be temporarily ignorant and 
shameful, but learn:
All the world's a background, and life 
is but a never ending parable, with 
the virtues improved upon, and the 
vices remembered for wisdom.
So, smile, people, It's simply a