The Watcher

Written by: William Morrissey

                        The Watcher

During the day or night, sitting or sleeping by myself
I feel as if I am with someone else
And even as the sun goes down
Someone stands guard as I sleep, to wipe away my frown.

Sitting in the semi-darkness, I see a passing shadow
A fleeting glimpse of a person from sleepy hollow
And as I work on my computer,or watch television
I feel as if someone is about to make a decision.

A decision to come into my world, my reality
To give me needed advice to better shape my personality
Or to scare the living daylights out of me
For I carry the burden of someone who wont let me be.

Now, this day is like any other, I arrive home very late
Dinner, shower, and memory of closing the gate
I am slowly drifting into a deep and restful sleep
And no memory of a prayer, to the Father for my soul to keep.

Before going to bed, no knowledge that someone will be visiting very soon
And that this entity will be coming from afar into my room
All the lights are out,, and it seems that this night will be very long
As I crawl into bed, without listening to my favorite song.

Sleeping in a fetal position, my face towards the wall
Feeling groggy, I slowly turn to see this well-dressed man standing tall
He moves to the foot of the bed, watching over me with such audacity
Completely at peace, I fall back into a deep slumber, no curiosity.

In the morning, I remember, the vision of the night before
Of a suited man who has paid a visit, from that outer-dimensional shore
He could have been my father,who has died sometime ago
Or maybe an alien, from above the plains of silence or somewhere down below.

William Morrissey 5/24/07 vision