The Message

Written by: William Morrissey

                   The Message

In the far-reaching depths of the ocean
That could cover Mount Everest
In life, one thinks that one has all the answers to each emotion
But what  has happened before, is not a fleeting jest

The Aztec and the Inca believe that the Earth speaks
She tries to tell of the changes of the past
Planetary Earth change, floods and major leaks
But  this season will never last

For there will be a new beginning
And an ending of this time
When man will be apt to see the shining
As hope, prayer and destiny will be fine

The eyes are the mirror to the soul
So reason and virtue clear
In time, one day, she will be whole
And death, disease and destruction never more to fear

Greed, hatred, anger and covetousness is a dangerous thing
Jealousy, Envy and pride will lead to utter destruction
So all should be humble, be ever ready to pray, dance and sing
For the past technologies are here again to help in man's construction

Before one awaken the Earth's wrath
And the natural resources of land, water, gold and oil which men fight over
Should chose a more spiritual path
Remember the message of the ancient peoples, and take cover

William Morrissey 2/4/07