Tesu A Folk Love Story of India 8

Written by: Ravindra K Kapoor

Tesu A Folk Love Story of India 8

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Tesu A Folk Love Story of India 

Tesu thought about their marriage, which was due in next two days
And imagined her lovely face and her charming passion laden body
He imagined, when both would be in the real realm of love forever
And he would get lost in the depths of her beautiful soul and eyes. 21

How wonderful it would be to keep listening to her sweet melodies
How lovely it would be to have her in the folds of his arms
How very enchanting it would be, to touch her trembling rosy lips
And the feeling of the warmth’s of her lovely, pink passionate body. 22

He was thinking, while walking slowly with his bow and arrows
On way to his nearly by dwelling, a little away from there
Suddenly he saw a Brahman coming towards his direction
He greeted him as he used to do, without knowing, who he was. 23

The Brahman stopped for a moment and asked Tesu, who he was?
It was a little shock for Tesu to know, that still he was not well known
Tesu very politely told him, Sir, I am the warrior Tesu
Who is known for his marksmanship, who never fails in his targets.  24

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