The Sweetest Sound

Written by: William Morrissey

                The Sweetest Sound

And deep within my slumber,
From me a beautiful voice, then silent thunder
The angels in heaven rejoice
As they tap their feet and sing with one voice.

With joy so powerful, let peace and freedom ring
And the song I sing; I hear a host of angels sing
Peace and happiness within my soul
To hear the angels in control. 

That love could move a mountain
And Heaven send joy, from that eternal fountain
My spirit fills with peace coming from up yonder
Lifted from the Earth, with such wonder.

I see a knife, someone who tries to hurt me
No longer Earthbound, I am set free
So move pass him, gliding through the air
Full of joy, happiness and no fear.

As I sing the sweetest sound
And ten feet vertical, I move above the ground
The people in awe, look up to see
When man gain faith, and loses gravity.

William Morrissey 11/14/06 vision