The Faceless One

Written by: William Morrissey

                 The Faceless One

Dare to look beyond the obvious,
To see the light shining through the utmost darkness
And a seer who sees into the eternal distance,
Grabs at the dying stork;
That travels upon the whimsical wind.

And all living things in their deepest slumber,
Alas, pray they never recover,
For like a silent thunder, behold the mighty warrior;
Who cometh to do battle , with the sword.
No mercy is given to the young or old.

The blood-curdling screams, shatter the peaceful night,
The last breath is taken from the heaving chest.
From the deepest depths of the sea, a storm is brewing;
A wave as high as twenty leagues appear,
And none is spared except the silent one.

For he is almost all-powerful, untouchable, not human,
Upon this wave, he rides from continent to continent.
Black cloak, a faceless terror, a heartless warrior;
That reapeth  the harvest unto the dead,
And no one escapes the deceitful one.

William Morrissey 3/14/02 vision