The Changing Planet

Written by: William Morrissey

                The Changing Planet

As hope and humility conquers all
Pride goes before a fall
So pick up your booth straps, tighten your belt
For this world will experience something that it has never felt

The Earth will rumble and shake
And there will be volcanoes and many a quake
Waters of the oceans, will be put on land
As man shudders, he will not understand

Thus the planet is in for a correction
As streams, rivers and oceans, change direction
He realizes that he is but an insignificant creature
This is not a movie, not a made-up feature

Before all this happens, there is a major disaster
But this is not coming from the Master
I see grown trees, upside-down in the sky
Black muddy waters, dead fish , not from on high

And there appear a crack, a trench in one continent
About ten feet wide and endless deep without resentment
As man prepare to await his final blow
He wonders if he will reap, what he sew

And the Earth stands still, then changes its mind
Then turn in the opposite direction, one last time
So gravity seems to be a thing of the past
As man consider, how long this changing will last

William Morrissey 2/10/07 vision