Ther Awakening

Written by: William Morrissey

              The Awakening

Conscious people of the world
Let the banner of peace be unfurled
Pick up your sickle and seeds of corn
This is the time for nations to be reborn

Let us stamp out sickness, disease and hunger
There need not be the pain of war and death any longer
This planet can take care of us all
Rise to the occasion and stand tall

And the nations fill with poverty
Can all be helped, oh what a travesty!
That some engulfed in such greed and power,
While some, so poor, have no means to take a shower

Lift up your arms in compassion and love
And the Spirit will awaken and rain down from above
Thus the waters will cleanse the land
As the Universe sends love, and touch us with his mighty hand

This war that is about to start
Will cause a lot of problems from this Earth to depart
As all fight against poverty, hunger, homelessness and unrest
And the soul awaken from distress

So the third eye awaken
And the people arise from their anger, pain and disdain
The children of the world will be shaken
To realize the ancient, hidden secrets and great wisdom to regain

William Morrissey2/8/07