Ghost in the Kitchen

Written by: William Morrissey

      Ghost in the Kitchen

My friend has an interesting occupation
In Manhattan, I spend a great deal of time
So in winter, he hangs out in my location
Eating chicken, drinking liquor, beer and wine

During this time snow is on the ground; there is rough weather
His mother's best friend has passed away
Nevertheless, after the funeral this night; we find time to hang together
Even though my house is in disarray

After midnight my friend is gone; so on the sofa I fall sound asleep
Soon on my right side I lay
Then I turn to see this dead lady, not to weep
I hope she has not lost her way

And now I sit up half asleep and half awake
What cause this lady to show her face?
She does not look directly at me nor shake
As I wonder why she leaves her new found resting place

Slender ghost, has cute face, pointed nose and long perm hair
And wearing long, grey, bubble winter coat, from this un-forsaken land
This sight I witness and no fear
As I look at her, she fades away like a crystal mirage in desert sand

William Morrissey 1/09/07