Five Arab Men

Written by: William Morrissey

     Five Arab Men

In the dead of night, asleep in my bed
Suddenly, upon a hill as bright as day
A vision before me, or am I misled

On this asphalt road,to the left, a tractor trailer stands
Waiting as if impatient
Cloisters, old fort on the right, playing of the bands

Down below, a city of black glass skyscrapers rise
As if by an artist hand, shooting into the sky
To stand beside this scene may not be wise

The front of the vehicle, watches over the city
And midway beside the machine, I stand
A lamb to the slaughter, do not pity

I must go, it is my destiny
Walk to cab of vehicle, five Arab sitting
As if waiting for a sign

Uneasy feeling taking hold of me
Hurry back some distance, still close
Step out , two men coming 

Men look intensely in my direction
Overcome with fear, I stand my ground
Cannot see me, as a spirit in the night

Walk right through me, as if blind
Climb in vehicle, remove tarpaulin
A long-range ballistic missile, so unkind

Unhurried action, missile moves
Pointing to the sky
Must wake up, must not see what is yet to come

William Morrissey 6/5/01