Written by: lynn Hanna Barany

The snow was gently falling,
Through the window she could see.
Would Christmas come again this year
With nothing beneath the tree.

Her family worked very hard
At all the jobs they had,
She didn't want to let then know
She was lonely, and very sad.

Santa came to all her friends
They even had the proof.
They showed her all his footprints
Where he walked upon the roof.

With the candle light so dim and lie
Would Santa even know,
That she was waiting just for him
Would he know that she was home?

She stoked again the fire
To try to get some heat.
Would Santa ever bring her,
Her very special treat?

She thought she must be selfish
To have her secret wish,
And would this year repeat itself
As her house he always missed.

A gentle knock upon the door
She opened it to find
A chubby, jolly little man
In a red suit so Devine.

On his back he held a sack
With lots of toys and such.
He said he knew her secret wish
That she wanted very much.

In his arms he held it
This little ball of fur,
Despite the cold and snowy night
She could even hear it purr.

She loved that little kitten
For many years ahead.
It never left her side,
It slept upon her bed.

Older now she thinks way back
And she really does believe,
If you wish for something hard enough
It may come true on Christmas Eve.

Lynn Hanna Barany