the peace prize

Written by: jan oskar hansen

THE Big Con of a Peace Prize 

And there they are the leaders of EU receiving 
a prize they do not deserve, the only thing they
have rescued are banks and the people are 
paying the price. I´m listening to Barroso, he who
abandoned the premiership of Portugal when he 
was offered better paid job in Brussels and left
the country to its own devise.
Millions of unemployed people lines stretching 
for miles, Barroso says everything is fine while
Tucking into caviar when not speaking f Europe 
in a fake upper class English voice and sounds like
a servant, of a big house, with great ambition.
And now they are brining, in Kosovo, a gangster 
led country to complete the skullduggery .
the EU is a capitalist construction that gives them
security to exploit people. The people of Europe
have been betrayed by their leaders and I know 
when a man speaks with fork tongues the game is 
up… a democratic EU is a good idea but it has
been betrayed by the elite…the prize giving in Oslo 
is a disgrace, they couldn´t even stop the war in
the Balkan with US A´s help. So let them dance when 
Europe goes hungry.