Music Heard

Written by: HOLLY MOORE

Upon perception, a rolling wooden box 
                 with three pedals a misconception

Slick ivory keys the color of milk with black onyx halves 
                  in between, if you please.

Eighty-eight beautiful notes made of perfection, 
                  fifty-two white and thirty-six black 

Middle “C” is the place to start, move your fingers up 
                  eight white beauties and you have made art 

Sharps, flats, quarter notes, half notes, 
                  it is time to “rest.” 

Loud, soft, strong, with feeling, sit up straight 
                  and give the bench some respect 

Treble clef, bass clef written on all the best 
                  Mozart, Bach, Chopin, DeBussy know these keys 

Glorious musical emotions too be heard 
                  It takes you to places you have never seen

All shapes and sizes, don’t you want one of me? 

©Holly P. Moore
   December 2012