The face of romance

Written by: Elly Wouterse

I like chocolate
I like coffee
I like sprouts 
I like chicory
with you 
the taste explodes

I like to talk
I like to take care
I adore walking in the rain
I am fond of sunrise
I have a crush on sunset 
with you 
the world comes alive

I am addicted
to fountain-pens
and you 
my mate
with no need
for my joy of pens
surprised me with four

it seems my liking
turns into romance
when sharing these things 
with you

your presence
I adore 
my love
even more

I love to share
my love with you
my love

in between
all these romances
I love you the most 
you are 
the wholehearted host
of my heart and soul

some say I am still crazy
after almost 40 years
whit a blush at your gaze
let me put it this way
I still have my eagle-eyed crush 
on you 

©Ellie Daphne van Stralen 2012