The still driven Road

Written by: Yesha Shah

Rattling along the tumultuous road, some road this the long road of life, With all its pit falls and pot holes We still go on with this toot-toot bumpy ride! An arduous journey right from inception and conception Each element of Nature leashes out its fury time and again Bearing the scorch of heat, brunt of thunder claps and some bone chattering icy chills, Rolling on and on with the turning wheel of time. Oh! the twists and turns, perplexing cross roads posing questions, Some new adventure each time undercover and camouflaged. Feel blessed when driving down the silken smooth carpeted paths Lush green meadows passing by as lucid flowers waltz.. butterfly caress of the musical satin soft breeze, And then again yet, the wobbly rough rocky terrain A jolt of bleak reality from the suffused sunlit dreamland, Some stark pitch dark nights to test one's faith Trust the guiding star in the sky, the bright path finder After the day's warm sunshine submerges deep down in the ocean. Truly gifted are those endowed with their soul mate To cherish and cheer on these much trodden paths A shoulder to shed a silent tear when the blues hit hard That God sent Angel especially for one To share joys and ease sorrows, soften brutal burdens Making one feel so loved and desired A friend, a partner, a guide, a lover... Who could bunch up a cluster of joys from life's thorny thickets. Or else like millions before us have come,wandered traversed and left, vanished Solitary we come and solitary we go Empty handed we come but hope so, to depart with one handful of worthy blessings Spreading the fragrance of beautiful existence that lingers around for at least some time to come. 10th Dec 2012