The Extinction of the Sea Turtles

Written by: Elton Camp

The Extinction of the Sea Turtles

By Elton Camp

Human villainy is a cause for alarm
It causes much environmental harm

If the sea turtle should become extinct
To deliberate human acts it is linked

Sea turtles take decades to sexually mature
Then their offspring are far from secure

Males and females mate out in the sea
But on the sandy beach its nests must be

To the beach where hatched many return
Only to be met by the selfish and stern

She hauls herself up onto the home beach
Digs a hole to put her eggs out of reach

Then she covers and hides them well
Just where they are it’s hard to tell

But people have been there on alert
And immediately dig into the dirt

Huge sacks of eggs they carry away
So there will be no babies another day

It is largely because of this disgrace
That extinction the sea turtle does face