Tesu A Folk Love Story of India 7

Written by: Ravindra K Kapoor

Important Note:  The reason for writing this wonderful story is the fact the gradually the traditional singers (boys and girls) of Tesu, who used to come once in a year with the earthen pot and a light in it on their heads,  while singing the songs of Tesu have almost disappeared. This year on Dewali no Tesu was seen by me. I hope that those who have an open heart for other cultures and their beliefs and traditions would welcome this series and would find wonderful love story worth enjoying. Love and best wishes…..

Tesu A Folk Love Story of India   7

The problem was acute and the war was inevitable
Lord Krishna was pondering to find a solution
The only way left was to take a word from Tesu
Who was known for adhering to his given words. 18

Although Krishna heard about him, as a warrior of that era 
And that Tesu would be firm to his beliefs, faith and words
Still, he wanted to have a test of his flawless marksmanship
And decided to meet him, in disguise of a Brahman*. 19 

Krishna decided to meet Tesu, while he was returning
After meeting his lovely beautiful beloved Jhonjhi
Tesu was too happy that day, after meeting his beloved
As they had spent many sweet and lovely hours together. 20

Kanpur India 10th December 2012          to continue

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Clarifications - *Brahman- The one who knows the creator or a person having profound knowledge and wisdom was called a Brahman. In later ages this became a caste in India and who so ever born in this family began to be known as Brahman.