Written by: lola barron

I wobble. Thoughts no more than remaining upright.
Ahead awaits my safety net.
The arms of they who brought me here.

I run. Escaping the clasp of familiar fingers.
Laughing, thrashing limbs in an attempt to shake them off.
They who will always be there.

I live. Stepping onto the bridge that severs the cord.
On my own.
Yet just within the grasp of they who will catch me when I fall.

I leave. I am ready to serve. I am ready to save.
But they are not ready. They will never be ready.
They who are meant to go before.

I lie. Waiting. Cold, wet mud coating my soul, laughing at my fear.
Here with my eternal friends.Where are they. I need them.
They that have known and loved me all my life.

I die.